Healthy School Solutions

In a commercial environment, clean air and comfortable conditions are a basic right. This includes correct ventilation in our school buildings. If you consider that our children spend the majority of their time at school indoors, the quality of the air they are breathing is of vital importance.

Unregulated temperatures can lead to issues such as dry eyes and throats, headaches and drowsiness. No doubt this can also have a huge influence on a child’s quality of learning.

Using our mechanical ventilation systems, we can work with schools and create a healthy and comfortable indoor climate.

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Healthy Care Institution

To provide the optimal environment for patients, staff and visitors, special attention should be paid to the air quality and temperature inside a care institution.

The air in hospitals and care facilities can often contain fungi and bacteria, this is usually due to poor ventilation and overheating. Poor ventilation also leads to a build-up of COand if the issue is not addressed the indoor air becomes contaminated.

Controlled basic mechanical ventilation is the only way to rectify the situation, as unfortunately opening a window is not enough ventilation.

Polluted Indoor Air Quality May Be A Health Risk

Activities such as cooking, showering, heating and smoking as well as the house itself (volatile organic compounds) contribute to inferior air quality in your home. High levels of insulation and insufficient ventilation produce musty, polluted air and create a breeding ground for annoying moulds, viruses and bacteria.

Benefits Of Ventit Ventilation Systems Include:
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Healthy Indoor Air Quality
Continuously supply fresh, clean air into your home throughout the day and night.
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Controlled Ventilation
Demand controlled ventilation is your only guarantee of an efficient and healthy indoor air quality.
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Energy Efficient
Save energy by reducing the power consumed by power-hungry heating or cooling systems.
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Maintenance Friendly
Thanks to simplicity in design, our ventilation systems are also particularly maintenance-friendly.

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