Specifically Designed To Supply
Your Home With Continuous Fresh Air

To have healthy indoor living conditions, you need pleasant temperatures and good air quality. At Ventit, we make it possible with our mechanical ventilation systems.

Our ventilation systems are specifically designed to supply your home with continuous fresh air, therefore maintaining perfect indoor air quality.

As the fresh air is brought into your home, any polluted air is extracted at the same time. It is this continuous and controlled process that provides safer, healthier air quality for you and your family.

Providing healthier air to breathe is just one benefit of Ventit’s ventilation system, it also creates a warmer, drier home and reduces the chances of mould or damp appearing.

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How Ventit Ventilation System Work

Everyday things like breathing, cooking, showering and doing the laundry produce moisture.

As we all know, mould thrives in damp conditions and mould is a big contributor to unhealthy indoor air. To combat this, the automatic Ventit ventilation system effectively moves the moisture outdoors and draws drier air in.

By reducing condensation and creating a constant airflow throughout the home, you’ll flush out any moisture and ventilate even those hard to reach areas.

Your Home Without
A Ventit Ventilation System

Without proper ventilation, your home could be a breeding ground for mould.

One of the most common areas mould can grow is in windowsills. When condensation occurs, due to warm air hitting a cold window, the water droplets run down the inside of your windows and pool in the sill. If this is not attended to, mould will eventually appear. Apart from creating unhealthy air, mould can also damage your windowsills and creates a musty smell that seeps into your curtains and furnishings. 

You’ll notice the condensation on the windows will dramatically reduce after installation of your ventilation system.

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Subfloor Ventilation

Depending on where you live, you could be prone to excessive moisture rising through the subfloor. Have you ever noticed water pooling for long periods around your home after heavy rain? This could be mean your area has poor drainage and you may experience moisture rising through the subfloor and into your home.

With a Ventit Subfloor System, we can create the right amount of airflow in the subfloor area to eliminate excessive moisture. The mechanical ventilation system will increase or decrease its circulation depending on the amount of moisture present, bringing in the fresh dry air and expelling the stale, moist air.

Healthy Apartment Solutions

Apartments can often have less free airflow than stand-alone dwellings, this is why it is even more important to consider an automatic ventilation system for apartments.

Our healthy apartment solution offers demand controlled basic ventilation that generates premium air quality and pleasant temperatures.

This is crucial for the well being of residents, animals and indoor plants.

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Polluted Indoor Air Quality May Be A Health Risk

Activities such as cooking, showering, heating and smoking as well as the house itself (volatile organic compounds) contribute to inferior air quality in your home. High levels of insulation and insufficient ventilation produce musty, polluted air and create a breeding ground for annoying moulds, viruses and bacteria.

Benefits Of Ventit Ventilation Systems Include:
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Healthy Indoor Air Quality
Continuously supply fresh, clean air into your home throughout the day and night.
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Controlled Ventilation
Demand controlled ventilation is your only guarantee of an efficient and healthy indoor air quality.
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Energy Efficient
Save energy by reducing the power consumed by power-hungry heating or cooling systems.
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Maintenance Friendly
Thanks to simplicity in design, our ventilation systems are also particularly maintenance-friendly.

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